Celebrating the momentous occasion of Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment’s (KME) 6th anniversary, the record label has proudly welcomed two exceptional new artists to its vibrant roster. Alongside this exciting development, the label also announced the re-signing of the immensely talented Kracktwist, a former artist of KME.

The two fresh signees, Othman Tao (known as King Piper) and Ahmed Mambo (recognized as Dove Mambu), bring with them a wealth of experience in music production and a remarkable vocal prowess.

Their inclusion in the KME family was unveiled during a captivating live video, where the owner of KME, Abu Bakarr Turay, widely known as Kabaka, expressed his utmost confidence in their abilities to revitalize the label and propel the entertainment industry to new heights.

Kabaka acknowledged the prevalent challenges within the Sierra Leonean entertainment industry, such as the premature closure of entertainment entities, the underutilization of modern marketing and streaming platforms, and the lack of recognition for national talents.

He passionately articulated his unwavering belief in the power of the arts and the necessity of making sacrifices to foster its growth. This renewed commitment further fueled his determination to embark on this fresh endeavor.

Moreover, Kabaka lamented that the entertainment agenda had slightly faltered, allowing neighboring West African countries to surge ahead in the realm of music.

Nevertheless, he extended his appreciation to the past contributors of the entertainment industry, who played a significant role in transforming it into the thriving business it is today.

With the addition of King Piper and Dove Mambu, Kabaka aims to usher in a new era of creativity, innovation, and unwavering dedication to the entertainment scene in Sierra Leone.

Through their immense talent and Kabaka’s steadfast support, KME aspires to overcome the industry’s obstacles, embrace modern advancements, and provide a platform for local artists to shine on both national and international stages.