Sierra Leone’s music scene is set to lose one of its prominent figures, Edward Wright, better known as Kontri Boss. The songwriter and R&B artist recently announced his departure from the industry via a Facebook post, citing a lack of support for talented artists.

Kontri Boss, signed to Survival Records, expressed his frustration with the focus given to “untalented and overhyped individuals” in the industry. He believes this stifles the growth of genuine talent and hinders his pursuit of global recognition.

“In my opinion,” Wright wrote on Facebook, “I think too many new kids on the block are overhyped. And that’s our country’s biggest problem, overhyping the ones that are not that talented. Sick country.”

He further announced his recent album, “The Rebirth,” as his final project catering specifically to the Sierra Leonean audience.

“Are done [giving] you the industry for now, let’s see what you gonna do with it,” his post continued. “The Rebirth album is my last album for Salone [Sierra Leone]. Now let’s go fight for it [recognition] before maybe another country will appreciate us and push us to the world.”

Kontri Boss, known for his exceptional songwriting and production skills, has garnered significant respect within the industry through collaborations with other artists. His decision to depart the Sierra Leonean music scene is likely to spark discussions about the need to foster a more supportive environment for genuine artistic talent.