Sierra Leone’s popular magician and artist Baimba Moi Forah popularly known as LAC has made a humble request to be part of the late DJ Clef’s family.

“I want to replace DJ Clef in your family by being a member of the family”.

In a recent Facebook post, LAC humbly made a request and assured DJ Clef’s family that he was not involved in his death, relying on God as a witness for his innocence on judgment day.

He mentioned understanding the experience of losing a family member and, due to his peaceful and humble nature, put forth this substantial request to the deceased family.

Furthermore, LAC pledged to take on the responsibilities previously undertaken by the late DJ Clef, reflecting his sense of responsibility and kindness.

” I promise to play the role of DJ Clef in that family with all responsibilities he was rendering towards the family”, he started.

He acknowledged the stigma surrounding DJ Clef’s death and the ongoing difficulties he has faced from 2014 until now. He highlighted that only God truly understands the situation he’s been through due to false accusations, and confidently affirmed that the truth will emerge.

“Upon everything I had gone through I still put my pride, ego, status, or riches aside and still ask to be part of the family as I did seven months ago when I asked my team and family members to visit the Buckle Family but the mother promised to get back to us but till now weโ€™ve not heard anything from the mother or the family, but am sending this message because most of my fans are appealing on my behalf and if donโ€™t replicate the same it will sound as if am acting proud”.

He also urged the government opposition party, bloggers, and all Sierra Leoneans worldwide to unite with him in appealing to the Buckle Family to embrace him as a part of their own.