Big Sister Salone season 2 winner, Marjo Bona a mother of two, recently addressed her fans’ constant criticism about her weight gain on her Facebook page.

She emphasized that when a woman carries a child for nine months, it is natural for her body to change and for her to gain weight. It takes time for her body to return to its pre-pregnancy state, especially when she has had two children in quick succession. Factors like water retention and baby weight require time to disappear.

Marjo wanted to remind everyone that she is only five months postpartum, and weight gain is not a result of careless eating but rather the beautiful journey of bringing a child into the world.

She firmly expressed that it is incredibly rude to comment on a woman’s weight or body shape, particularly after she has just given birth.

She also mentioned the unfortunate habit some people have, especially within African communities, of making derogatory remarks about someone’s appearance, even if they haven’t gone through childbirth.

Marjo urged everyone to stop body shaming and making negative comments about others’ bodies or weight, as it is ignorant behavior.

She boasts of how she looks amazing, adding that she is completely content with herself. She is currently six months postpartum and has already resumed her dance and exercise routine, focusing on her own well-being and possibly her husband’s appreciation.

She concluded by kindly requesting that people refrain from making unnecessary and uninformed comments.

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When a woman carries a child for 9 months she gains weight, her body stretches, and it takes time for her to get into a normal state, not to talk of having two kids back to back Water and baby weight takes time to vanish.

Just to remind you I’m only 5 months postpartum Most women don’t gain weight due to eating or carelessness but bringing a child into this world.

With that being said, it’s very RUDE to tell a woman who just gave birth that she is either fat, gaining weight or any comment of the sort

“African people get da bad habit day as dem see you ohhh you don get body or ohhh you bump or this or that even if d posin nor gee birth dem day du am. Stop body shaming people or telling them about their weight or body structure. Very munku behavior

As for me I look damn good and I’m okay with myself 100%

6 months corn foop! I’m back to dance and excercise mode so the only person who I’m getting in shape for is myself and my husband if at all anyone so pleaseeee, know usef and know how u day comment”