Sierra Leonean US-based musician, Menace da General, now known as My Dearest Gift (MDG), has publicly expressed remorse towards Sasqo and Orbatheh, two emerging entertainers, for his previous remarks against them.

With an upcoming show scheduled in the United States, Menace took to his social media platform to share a video, extending his apologies to both artists.

In the video, he initially greeted his viewers, mentioning a recent celebration of his favorite football player, Lionel Messi. However, his mood shifted when he received a WhatsApp message from Sasqo’s manager, instructing him to publicly apologize within two hours.

Without waiting for the ultimatum to expire, Menace swiftly offered his apologies to both Sasqo and Orbatheh, acknowledging them as his “bosses.” He shouldered the blame for the feud, apologizing to the duo and admitting his own wrongdoing.

Menace cited his cousin and producer’s involvement, holding himself accountable for his actions. He also revealed that Sasqo’s and Orbatheh’s managers had reviewed the video before its release, but had not offered guidance.

In a more serious tone, Menace addressed the use of the term “crase man,” which he had used to describe Sasqo. He clarified that his intention was not to demean individuals with disabilities, explaining that the term is used humorously in Sierra Leonean culture.

He emphasized his respect and love for Sasqo and Orbatheh, stressing that his remarks were never intended as bullying. Menace concluded by extending his apology to those who might have taken offense and reiterated his love for all Sierra Leoneans, urging understanding and unity.