Popular Sierra Leonean Model Michael Bonny Bassey is gearing up for an exciting new chapter in his career as he prepares to grace the screens of the popular streaming platform Netflix.

The talented model is set to make his debut in the highly anticipated series ‘OBLITERATED,’ a creation by the minds behind the hit show ‘Cobra Kai.’

The announcement sent ripples of excitement throughout social media as Bassey took to his online platforms to share the thrilling news. With a heart full of gratitude, he wrote,

Sooooooo Grateful to be a part of this. Save the date (NOVEMBER 30th) only on Netflix. Can I say I’ll be the first Sierra Leonean on Netflix?🙏🏼”

‘OBLITERATED’ promises an exhilarating storyline, following a team of elite special forces operatives who, following a triumphant mission in Las Vegas, decide to celebrate their success by indulging in a night of revelry. However, their jubilation turns to shock the next morning when they discover that the bomb they believed they had disarmed was, in fact, still a live threat. The gripping series is poised to captivate audiences with its intense plot twists and adrenaline-pumping action.

Set to premiere on November 30th, ‘OBLITERATED’ is set to join the ranks of Netflix’s thrilling content lineup, promising viewers an unforgettable ride filled with suspense, intrigue, and unrelenting suspense