Former Miss IPAM 2016 and Sierra Leone 2019, Enid Jones-Boston has on her official Facebook page disclosed her plans for Sierra Leone to host Miss Melanin Africa. This post of her’s was accompanied by the certificate of authorization from the management of the Miss Melanin Africa granting access to host next Miss Melanin in Sierra Leone. 

Enid Jones-Boston has been in love with beauty pageant over the years since she was a teenager. The beauty pageant queen who has over 30K followers on Facebook and thousands of followers on her social media handles has authentically approved to host Miss Melanin Africa in Sierra Leone.

According to Enid, pageant has always been a passion for her, and being a queen is not just about physical appearance or knowing the moves in the game but also it has to be purposeful. “Pageant for me is a passion and being a queen is not just you physical appearance…” she said.

According to the president of Miss Melanin Africa, Enid  has given the full authority to organise a national search for Miss Melanin  Africa in Sierra Leone and that the authority is valid from now unto January 1st 2024.

On her Facebook page, she posted:

Pageant for me is a passion and being a queen is not just about your physical appearance rather it is meant to be PURPOSEFUL. On behalf of my partner-Mrs Sarah Solomon and myself, I signed the franchise for Miss Melanin Africa. I couldn’t be more proud of myself and what we’ve achieved. Congratulations to us. We’re here to build a legacy. Trust the process 🙌🏽