Former “Housemate Salone” contestant Nohmi George has taken to social media to address recent allegations concerning his alleged request for a DNA test of his son with controversial housemates salone winner of Julie Tombo

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Nohmi candidly expressed his perspective on the matter.

Nohmi’s statement on his Facebook page read as follows: “On May 9th, I came on Facebook and thanked God for my son, and 1.8K people came and congratulated me. I have never denied my son and have never asked for a DNA test. I was asked not to post him on social media. Please respect my privacy, and also no one should use my name to drag anyone down on this media or simply for content. (Alprazolam)

The post not only clarifies his stance on the issue but also highlights his desire for privacy and a respectful online discourse. Nohmi further touched on the idea that events in life unfold for a reason, and that perfection is an elusive concept. He also urged those interacting on social media not to use his name to create negativity or sensational content.