Orbatheh, a popular social media comedian and musician hailing from Makeni, has recently disclosed his political stance.

Known by his stage name, Mr. Karant, Orbatheh has confirmed his support for the All People’s Congress (APC) party.

During a conversation centered around his fellow comedian Sasqo, Orbatheh was questioned about his political allegiance. Responding in his signature style, he humorously declared, “APC way…”, indicating his backing for the APC party.

In addition to discussing his political views, Orbatheh also took the opportunity to address his relationship with Sasqo. He claimed that Sasqo harbors jealousy towards him and humorously referred to Sasqo as his junior, saying “Sasqo Na borbor borbor for me” in the local Krio language.

Moreover, Orbatheh suggested that he has the ability to ‘hold’ Sasqo and even the possibility of locking him up in jail.

The light-hearted banter between the two comedians has entertained their fans and sparked conversations online.

Watch Video below: