On 2nd September 2023, the Sierra Leonean community in the United States came together to honor their heroes during the 8th Annual AWOL America Achievement Awards Ceremony. During this remarkable event, they bestowed heartfelt praise and appreciation on the influential philanthropist, humanitarian, and politician, Sheik Alhaji Mohamed ‘Jagaban’ Kamara. His unwavering support and commitment to uplift the Sierra Leonean diaspora and the nation have not gone unnoticed.

The ceremony, a vital platform that honors remarkable achievements of Sierra Leoneans in the US, brought together renowned figures and individuals from all walks of life. It aims not only to celebrate but also to inspire, by sharing the powerful stories of individuals who have worked tirelessly to make a positive impact.

As a distinguished guest of honor, Jagaban graced the event with his eminent presence, paying tribute to the hardworking Sierra Leoneans in the US and recognizing other noted philanthropists and humanitarians.

A highlight of the event was when Jagaban had the honor of presenting the ‘Moseray Fadika Humanitarian Award’ to another deserving Sierra Leonean, marking a significant moment during the awards distribution ceremony.

The attendees were overjoyed to mingle with Jagaban, a figure they hold in high regard and respect. His humble demeanor and significant contributions have turned many dreams into reality. Several business-savvy Sierra Leoneans and philanthropists seized the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations with him, all aiming to foster the development of the Sierra Leonean community both home and abroad.

Jagaban has become a beacon of positivity and altruism in Sierra Leone, continuously supporting the community through initiatives focused on job creation, mentorship, and financial assistance. His efforts have earned him immense popularity and respect, even among political adversaries.

His dedication to representing the interests of the Sierra Leonean people has not only won the hearts of many but has also brought tangible progress and development to the community.

The Global Chairperson for AWOL AMERICA, Amb. Junior Navo, took a moment to express his gratitude towards Jagaban for his sustained humanitarian efforts over the years. He acknowledged Jagaban’s dedication to the Sierra Leonean diaspora and encouraged him to continue his commendable work. Navo also urged all Sierra Leoneans to unite and contribute towards the holistic development of Sierra Leone.

The overwhelming love and support that Mohamed ‘Jagaban’ Kamara received during the awards ceremony clearly illustrate his positive influence and continuous commitment to aiding Sierra Leoneans, both in the diaspora and at home.