In a heartfelt plea to the people of Sierra Leone, renowned rapper Speedo’o has called on citizens to prioritize peace as the nation prepares for its upcoming elections on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

The influential artist, known for his captivating lyrics and socially conscious messages, shared his thoughts and concerns in a recent statement.

Addressing the citizens, especially the youth, Speedo’o emphasized the importance of staying focused and rejecting violence during this crucial time. He urged Sierra Leoneans to unite and avoid engaging in street conflicts or acts of aggression that could undermine the democratic process. By urging his compatriots to refrain from violence

However, Speedo’o’s appeal extended beyond Sierra Leone’s borders. He emphasized that his message was intended for both Sierra Leone and Liberia, urging citizens of both countries to embrace peace and avoid any form of violence.

Recognizing the significance of solidarity within the music industry, Speedo’o also called on fellow artists to show love and support for one another. By fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration, he believes that the creative community can serve as a positive force for change and contribute to a peaceful society.

In addition, the rapper expressed deep gratitude to the legendary artists who laid the foundation for the current generation. He acknowledged their valuable contributions and recognized that without their trailblazing work, the current stage of artistic development would not have been possible. Speedo’o’s appreciation for the veterans of the industry highlights his respect for their influence and acknowledges their vital role in shaping the cultural landscape.

Finally, Speedo’o extended his appreciation to the producers and engineers who have dedicated themselves to ensuring the best sound quality for the music. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes have contributed to the success and growth of the industry, enabling artists to reach new heights and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

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