The president of the All Stars organization, Milton Augustus S. Sese-Koker, also known as “Prezo Colabo,” has appealed to the government to pardon entertainers for any wrongdoing they may have committed.

During a live Facebook broadcast on the occasion of Sierra Leone’s 62nd independence anniversary, the singer expressed remorse on behalf of the industry.

In addition, the popular rapper and songwriter expressed concern about the current state of the entertainment industry and his willingness to return home from his musical tours to campaign for his party, the All People’s Congress (APC), and to vote in the upcoming general elections scheduled for June 24.

Prezo Colabo acknowledged that some entertainers, particularly musicians, are being treated unfairly and deserve better.

He praised the late President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah for his tolerance of the music and entertainment sector and for encouraging musicians to sing rather than take up arms.

He expressed disappointment over how entertainers have been treated in recent years, claiming that President Julius Maada Bio failed to fulfill his promises to the industry during his campaign.

Prezo Colabo, however, commended Bio for creating the Office of the Entertainment Ambassador and Investments.

The singer expressed frustration with the current Entertainment Ambassador, Kao Denero, for his handling of the affairs of entertainers, contrasting it with his own experience under the APC.