Sierra Leone legendary Hip-Hop Rapper and CEO of Noble Squad; Yusuf Osio Kamara commonly called YOK 7 Da Snipper, Recently shared the origin of his past fued with kao Denero in an online interview conducted by popular social media blogger PRO IB Blogg.

According to Yok, the conflict began due to his unavoidable absence from one of Kao Denro’s shows. At that time, Yok was in Liberia participating in a disarmament program organized by Amnesty International. Unbeknowning to him, Koa had extended an invitation for the show, but Yok was unaware of it due to his engagement in Liberia.

Yok mentioned that Koa Denro took offense to his absence and during a radio interview with Alex James, Koa claimed not to know who Yok 7 was and even denied recognizing his talent.

Furthermore, Yok revealed that Koa failed to inquire about the reason for his absence from the show. When Yok later attempted to contact Koa to explain his situation, he was met with abuse. Yok added that Koa would go on radio interviews to slander him and his crew.

According to Yok, this sparked the beginning of their feud as he took up the challenge to express himself through rap music in the studio.

During the interview, Yok 7 also revealed the origin of his stage name. “YOK” is an acronym formed by combining his initials from his name, Yusif Osaio Kamara, and the number “7” signifies his constant shine throughout the week.

The legendary rapper also shared that his career took off at Planet Sound, where he was mentored by Sahr Issa, shaping him into the artist he is today.

Additionally, it was disclosed in the interview that Yok 7 holds the distinction of being the first hip-hop rapper to release an entire album in English, titled “Life and Death Album,” which he recorded in China.

Yok-7 is an experienced Rapper from Sierra Leone presently based in Beverly Hills, California in the United States of America. He has been raising his country Sierra Leone’s flag higher musically across continents and since 2024 has written, composed and Premiered a number of hit tracks including collaborations with both home based and foreign musicians.

Some of his melodies include You, Borbor 4U Mot, Brown Skin Girl, Na Ya We Dae, the Lion, Fire Dancer, Go study Fine, Wine and Tweak, Abo among others.