Youth Leadership and Advocacy a non-political and non-governmental youth-led organization, is set to recognize one of Sierra Leone’s popular female hip-hop, afrobeat, and dancehall songwriter and artist, Linda Samai, popularly known as Star Zee for this year’s Honorary Peace Ambassador.

This recognition came with their Regional Youth Training and Sensitization Conference for Peaceful and Democratic Elections which will be hosted on the 8th and 9th of June 2023 at the Freetown City Hall with the theme “Empowering Youths to Promote Peaceful And Democratic Elections For National Development”.

According to the organization, the recognition came in as a result of the recipient’s unstinted broader impact on the lives of young people through the promotion of peace and social justice on a global scale.

“Through our recipient’s songs, she has indirectly been able to empower the next generation of young people to work towards a more peaceful and harmonious society”.

It was also stated that Star Zee’s recognition speaks volumes of the fact that music can be used as a catalyst for entertainment as well as peace and unity.

“Despite the often confrontational nature of rap and dancehall music, our recipient has always crafted her songs to resonate with the peace and unity society craves”.

“If we can have an artiste who believes that music can be a POWERFUL TOOL for social change, that would be STAR ZEE, the QUEENKONG. Our organization holds the view that someone who has unwaveringly committed her time and craft to the promotion of peace, humanity, women’s rights, and girls’ empowerment through a diversified sense of approach, truly is deserving of an Oscar”.

It was also stated that through the recognition of Star Zee, they are speaking the minds of the voices whose fight she had fought through her songs.

“However, we are speaking the minds of the voices whose fight have been fought by Star Zee through her songs”.

She was congratulated in advance as they wait to enjoy her presence at the Freetown City Hall on 8th June 2023.

Check the official flyer below