The All People’s Congress Party wishes to inform all members, supporters, sympathizers, well wishers, and the general public that it has come to the notice of the leadership of the party that certain individuals or group of persons who are wrongfully purporting to represent the APC party on social media to rain motherly invectives against senior and responsible members of the party in the name of fighting for the party.

Let it be known that such unscrupulous individuals are doing so at their own volition and will as such acts have no bearing of the image of the APC party.
The leadership of the party want to sternly warned that individuals engaging on such thuggery acts and disrespect for other senior members of the party are not members of the party and the party completely dissociates itself from such.

Our supporters and members are therefore encouraged to only act on messages coming from the authentic mouthpiece of the APC party; the Publicity Secretary and any other Press Statements from the 21 Man Committee, accredited individuals or groups assigned by the Publicity Committee of the ITGC or the Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh.

As head of the Publicity, the Committee unequivocally disassociate itself from such derogatory and immoral acts of motherly invectives coming from certain persons or group of persons in the name of the APC party on social media.

May it be known therefore that the leadership of the All People’s Congress Party disassociate itself completely from voice notes coming from a certain Adebayor, evangelist Samson, Wurie APC and a host of others purporting to be speaking on behalf of the APC.
The APC party is a law abiding institution and one that caters for national cohesion in all its activities. There is no such freedom of speech that allows for bullying of others. It is in that regards, the leadership of the APC party therefore takes no such responsibility to any such voice notes and messages coming from sources outside of the Publicity Committee of the party.

All correspondences of the party are officially signed and authorized by the leadership of the party oversaw by 21 MAN INTERIM GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE headed by Alfred Peter Conteh.