Sierra Leone has in recent times found itself in a similar situation as ancient Egypt, when King Pharoh was in dire need of an interpreter of the nation’s dream, which was made possible by only one man in the whole of Egypt due to his upright nature to both God and man, Joseph.

Similarly, when our beloved nation is on its knees, the president turns to Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai to restore the rule. of law, accountability, and truth that will heal the nation

In 2019, the nation called on this highly respected lawyer, democracy activist, scholar, and football enthusiast to unify the nation in football. After six years of no football and with factions reading apart the game, he was appointed the chair of the Premier League Board. Organized the best premier league in recent history.

When public procurement was in disarray, he was called to oversee procurement complaints and irregularities. He has ruled over 13 cases faulting government institutions like NRA, MBSSE, etc, and fining them over $50,000 for various breaches. Is this a man with interests in government?

He has wedged his transformative surgical knife at FBC law with reforms and institutional changes to uplift the country.

With vast national and international experience, Abdulai is a well-respected global citizen with an impeccable record of serving humanity.

He is the current political affairs cluster chairman at Africa Unions ECOSOC, where he leads Africa’s political, rule of law, human rights, and constitutional process

Emmanuel has just stepped down as chairman of the Africa Freedom of Information Center based in Kampala, Uganda. With over 200 members continent-wide

Over twenty years of civil society experience in governance, rule of law, democracy, human rights, and constitutionalism

Emmanuel is a renowned scholar who has participated in and has published several articles in internationally acclaimed journals and a book on freedom of information and corruption that can be found on the shelves of libraries at home and abroad with Macmillan, one of the leading global publishers.
Emmanuel has two more forthcoming books with Cambridge and Oxford University Presses, soon to hit the market.

Abdulai is known for his forthrightness, honesty, and integrity wherever he has served. He takes no prisoners and will call things by their right name!