Our MCM for this week is one of Sierra Leone’s funniest comedians and actor of the famous Wan-Pot Television Show, Ernest Horner alias “Rosaline”.

The decorated comedian, started his comedy journey in 1982 and is among the household names in Sierra Leone’s entertainment industry. His character has plaster a big smile on the face of citizens across all age grade. His service to humanity never stopped with a career. He gave his service through various means to ensure all is happy and safe.

Horner is famous nationally and internationally for his creativity and top-notch level delivery as a female character with his popular name “Rosaline.”

With his female nomenclature Rosaline, in the last decades, the experienced comedian has been acting throughout as a house wife during the reign of the “Wan-Pot” comedy show that was broadcasted live on the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services television. In the field of comedy, Horner has acted together with the Late Foday Balion, Sarah D’Great, Jaokateh, Vamboi, Jabez and many others.


And in the last decade until now, Horner slightly switched his acting career as he ventured into the national movie industry and has so far been featured in a lot of Sierra Leonean films.

He was recently honoured at the 4th Faces of the North Entertainment Awards-(FaNEA) 2022 Edition, where he was gifted a honourary award for his outstanding work and consistency in the creative industry as both a comedian and actor.

Besides Comedy and Acting, comedian Rosaline is also a staff of the Sierra Leone Fire Force and is currently attached at the Wellington fire station in the country’s capital Freetown where he is gainfully employed as the fire station commander in the area.