Who killed Philip Neville ? Was it an innocent accident or was it premeditated and stage- managed ? It was a masquerade parade and lots of revellers were there but the runaway motorcycle was able to evade everybody and hit only Philip Neville . Nobody else was affected by a motorbike that lost control in a big crowd . Nar dat Loko man call KAILA ( Mystery ) . And the driver was able to show a clean pair of heels as the Daily Mail used to say and is still at large and nothing is being heard from the Police.

Why is the SLPP Police silent about the accident and hunt for the bike rider ? If nar bin SLPP man den kill so, would the place have been so silent ? We demand an investigation into this suspicious accident that has resulted in the untimely death of one of our outspoken and “troublesome “ journalists who held the government ‘s feet under the fire.

It may well have been an ordinary accident but the Police silence is ear – deafening . A big media personality was mauled by a hit-and -run motor cyclist and the Police had said nothing over 48 hours after the “ accident . “ We need to hear something from the Police. Given the magnitude of the head injuries suffered by Mr. Neville, which killed him, the Okada man must have been speeding when he ran into the unfortunate Neville but how could this speeding have been accomplished on a crowded street with masquerades and followers dancing ? Were the police at the scene doing their jobs ? Did they control or redirect traffic to protect the crowd celebrating Boxing Day ?

I was once an accident reconstruction expert for a security company . We were trained to reconstruct accidents that had happened to determine what might have happened and who might have been culpable . Accidents , we studied, hardly happen . They are caused. If the masqueraders sought police permission, they were entitled to police protection. So, where were the police when an errant okada man came speeding in a festive crowd on a small street and lost control and hit only a journalist ?

Was any attempt made to apprehend the biker after the crash? He did not just start running away soon after the accident. He must have been dazed at first, even if he was not speeding. Was he chased after he got up and started fleeing the scene ? INQUIRING MINDS NEED TO KNOW.

Philip Neville hurt many people during his lifetime as a journalist . That should not be surprising. Journalists hurt people’s feelings. That is their stock -in – trade. He was not the kind of man President Bio and his government would invite over for Thanksgiving or Christmas . He was despised by the government because he called them to account and exposed rampant corruption, malfeasance, misfeasance , human rights abuses and bad governance . He used his newspaper to go after his enemies . That was not right but he also contributed immensely to improve the quality of journalism and mass communications in the country. Apart from a well-read newspaper, he also ran a popular radio and TV station.

What is more, Philip was a human being. Whatever mistakes he must have made with his pen, as a human being, he had fundamental human rights and one of these was the right to live. You do not lose your right to live because you are a hard-hitting journalist that got into people’s nerves. Similarly, if you died in mysterious circumstances, your death must be probed. They are entitlements you cannot be denied . The Police must therefore do all within its powers to avail the public with needed information about what really happened and if his death was unlawful even by accident, ensure that whoever killed him is brought to justice.

People are beginning to read meanings into what could have well been an ordinary accident but the police silence and inaction are prinicipal causes.