At the Western Area regional launch of the Sierra Leone Child Survival Action Plan, Najima Bawa, the Director of the MOMENTUM Project, passionately called upon individuals and organizations to turn this plan into a reality, ensuring a brighter future for the children of Sierra Leone.

Despite progress, Sierra Leone still grapples with one of the highest child mortality rates globally. The Child Survival Action Plan, a comprehensive roadmap, outlines actions required at all levels to combat this challenge head-on.

We must collectively actualize this plan to grant the children of Sierra Leone a chance to live vibrant lives, enabling them to eventually assume leadership roles within our nation,” said Bawa during the event.

The Child Survival Action Plan represents a united front against a formidable issue, aiming to slash child mortality rates across the country. It’s a roadmap to guide interventions, policies, and collaborations essential for saving young lives.

#Courtesy of Save the Children Sierra Leone