Sierra Leonean Multimedia Content Creator and entrepreneur, Vickie Remoe, has offered sensible advice to her fellow country members who seems to be making life very difficult for themselves.

Remoe, in a recent post on Social Media showed a clear picture of her journey to achieving the lifestyle she is enjoying, inspiring and educating her country people the prize of hard work and contentment.

In her post, she pictured certain sets of Sierra Leoneans resenting to all sorts of immorality to portray a lifestyle they do not have just to fit in and please people.

She frowned at such act, stating that it’s “madness” . She said there are different stages in life and there was a time she too went through some hurdles but by striving hard she overcame.

Read her post below:

“I don’t have to beg, borrow, steal or prostitute to enjoy the lifestyle that I have. I didn’t start making good money until I was 28 years. Ten years ago.

While I was in my 20s I lived FOC with my lifestyle financed by my mom who was a diplomat.

At 28 my salary went from $0 to $2000 then to $4000 in the space of year because I started my own business. I didn’t have a child and I lived at home so I spent my money on enjoyment—traveling, shopping, lalaliciousness. Then I got my own apartment and hired a private chef and a cleaner. Blew all my earnings on enjoyment. It was the sweet life! 😁

I had my son at 31. Money became real tight. So I started working to grow my business. We scaled from Ghana to Sierra Leone. Things are still growing but we’ve done rather well so far.

I’m not rich but I can afford to pay salaries to staff in two countries, travel and live as I wish. I don’t shop anymore and now when I have extra money it’s to pay bills or it goes into my building.

Without overstating it, I am the most influential personal lifestyle brand in Sierra Leone. But to live this lifestyle I don’t have to beg, borrow, steal or prostitute. Nothing about what I share on social media is a big deal to me, I’m just living my life. No day strain.

I say this to say that some young men and women in Salone are online desperate to portray a lifestyle that they can not afford. They’re having to beg, steal, borrow and prostitute for photos and videos to project a lifestyle of wealth that you do not have.

I understand there is a lot of pressure to look like you’re living lalalicious but if you have to kill yourself and compromise your integrity for pictures and videos it’s not worth it. Trying to impress people online in a country where 70% live on $2 a day makes no sense at all.

I’m not saying you can’t be young and wealthy and live well, you can but this one where people are doing any and everything just to flex on here is mad to me. Mad!

In the end it’s not going to end well.  Either you get sucked into debt or worse crime and then your whole façade comes crashing down.

Everything na life na by phase. We all don day na di hardup phase of zero bank balances and not having enough to eat and having to join money with friends to eat well. If you work hard though and smart though it doesn’t have to last forever.

Fri po bɛtɛ pas tait jɛntri.