Why Every Sierra Leonean Muslims Will Regret When They Die

The beloved messenger of ALLAH (Al-Muhaymin, The Guardian, The Preserver, The Overseeing Protector) said in an authentic narration that everyone is going to regret after his death, a believer or a disbeliever.

A believer will regret because he wish he could have done more of the good deeds so that his reward will be much more to be among those in Jannat who are above him in rank and the disbeliever will regret because of the heap of punishment that he will be undergoing. Each of these category will wish they are giving the opportunity to come back to this world to either do something more or do something different.

when we die we will wish we are giving the chance to have another few hours more, so that we can recite the Quran more, Offer more sunnah salat, Do daawah to disbelievers and remind fellow Muslims about our purpose of life, offer more assistance to the needy, offer optional fasting to our record, to reconcile with everybody who is at loggerheads with us if any, to ensure that we never expose our bodies before strangers especially our sisters who think exposing their beauty to the public can catch them more fish astaghfirullah.

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Lets ask ourselves which of the good deeds have we sincerely done or doing in our life? If none should we wait to enter our grave before we start wishing for a return? ALLAH says in the Quran; Alhaakumuttaqaasur hattaa zurtumul Maqaabir……basically means, we will be busying ourselves with worldly gains wasting our time till death knock on us to our grave Astaqfirullah. Read the next verses of this beautiful suurah (Attakaathur, Quran chapter 102) and also read the next suurah Al-Asr carefully, these two suurahs should be enough to aid us reverse to ALLAH in Shaa ALLAH.



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