According to a letter sent by the LUC Central Police Division to the Regional Commander Freetown-West, a twelve year old boy has been saved from an attempted kidnapping.

The twelve-year old who is now responding to treatment according to the police was was attacked by three suspected kidnappers along the Kingtom Cemetery route in Freetown at around 8-9 p.m. on the 16th October, 2021.

The twelve-year old was attacked, taken to the Kingtom Cemetery and tied up to a tree while there was standing vehicle (registration number AQI 443) around the Kingtom Cemetery route, which the Police believe was going to be used by the suspects to traffic the twelve-year old boy.

Fortunately, according to the Police, passersby had noticed the boy being tied to a tree at the Cemetery.

The boy was rescued and is now responding to treatment. Police investigations are ongoing on the matter.

In recent times, stories and complaints of kidnapping and attempted kidnapping have risen in Freetown and in other parts of the country.

People, especially children are not completely safe, and the Police need to up their game to tackle the problems of kidnapping and ensure security.