Former Member of Parliament, Honorable Legacy Kekura Sancoh, has secured the release of nineteen individuals who were arrested and detained during the paramount chieftaincy electoral process violence in Kowa Chiefdom.

Among the detainees was James Quee, the chiefdom youth chair, held in police custody without trial for an agonizing 27 days. Known for his humanitarian efforts, Honorable Legacy Kekura Sancoh emphasized that his intervention was propelled by a sense of duty towards his fellow citizens from neighboring chiefdoms.

He pledged to continue advocating for justice for the remaining twelve individuals still in police custody, promising to engage legal representatives on their behalf.

Speaking passionately on the matter, Honorable Legacy reiterated his unwavering stance against violence, underscoring the crucial importance of upholding the law and holding accountable those responsible for any wrongdoing.

He affirmed his commitment to supporting legal proceedings for the remaining detainees and urged human rights organizations and legal aid boards to address the grievances of the people of Kowa Chiefdom, many of whom have been wrongly accused.