Magistrate Mark Ngeba presiding at the Pademba Road Court No. 2, has remanded five accused persons at the Male Correctional Centre, Pademba Road in Freetown. Moses Santigie Kargbo, Chernor Sesay, Ishmael Samuka, Michael Kinny Ndema and Abdul Bomboh Kanu, are charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with aggravation, contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The police alleged on count one that the five accused, on Tuesday 12th January, 2021, at Rogbere Junction at Maforkie Chiefdom, the Northwest Region, conspired together with unknown persons to murder.

The charges furthered that the five accused, on the same date and address, in the Northwest Region, murdered Mohamed Kamara, alias Speedo, adding that before, during and the after the incident, used personal violent on the deceased.

Police prosecution witness, Abass Conteh, who also doubles as a factual witness, led in evidence by Inspector Tejan A. Bangura told the Bench that he recognized the deceased as his tenant, as well as the five accused in respect of the matter.

He said he could recall Tuesday 12th January 2021.

According to him, on that day, he was at home in the aforesaid address, sleeping, when he heard the deceased’s wife, whose name was not mentioned, shouting his name ‘Abass! Abass! Abass!’

Mr. Conteh added as a result, he rushed at the crime scene, adding that when he approached the crime scene, the 1st accused, Moses Santigie Kargbo, hands up him and asked him to kneel down. He said while he was kneeling, one of the accused slapped him with a cutlass from his back, but he could not recognize him at all. The witness further testified that the 1st accused asked him to enter into the deceased’s room, stating upon entering, he saw the deceased lying down in a pool of blood. He noted that the first accused commanded him to lie down on him. But he said the deceased was seriously shouting for him to take him to the nearest hospital, that he is about to die.

“I told him to little be patient because the accused were still around,” said the Witness. After a few seconds, he said, the accused forcefully dragged the deceased’s wife outside, while another of the accused, was instructing them to cart away her bag, with others shouting ‘time! Time! Time!’

The witness said the 1st accused told him that if everyone of them came outside, he would shoot him to death.

He further disclosed that the 1st accused asked him to come as he wanted to kill him for his mother.

“When I noticed that they have finally fled the compound, I then shouted ‘thieves! thieves!’ but nobody came at the crime scene being that the deceased was shot and chopped with a cutlass. He was taken to the nearest hospital where he eventually passed away,” he said.

The witness concluded his evidence stating that he made a statement to the police at the Police Station.

During cross examination by I.S.Y Kamara defending the 1st accused, asked the witness that at the time he made a statement to the police, the incident was fresh in his mind. He replied in the affirmative. Lawyer Kamara asked again whether what he has just narrated to the court, was what exactly he explained to the police. The witness answered yes.

He put it to the witness that at the time the deceased was allegedly shot and chopped with a cutlass, he was not at the crime scene. He said yes.

The defense further asked him how many people saw on the day of the incident. In reply, Mr. Kamara asked the witness whether the police called him to identify the 1st accused. He answered yes.

Lawyer Kamara further put it on to him that when he was called by the police during the identification parade, he didn’t mention the first accused. “I did,” the witness replied. Lawyer Kamara finally put it to Mr. Conteh that the 1st accused was among the rescue team. He said yes.

C.I. Williams, who was representing the 2nd accused, intimidated the Bench that he has no question for the 2nd accused.

In continuation of cross examination, the 3rd accused asked the witness whether during the identification parade at the Masiaka Police Station at any point in time, identified him to the police as one of the victims. He answered in the negative.

The accused were remanded at the Male Correctional Centre in Freetown. The matter was adjourned to 25th August, 2021.