57 Years Old Man Sentenced for Sexually Penetrating Class 3 Pupil

Appeal Court Judge, Hon. Justice Alhaji Momo-Jah Stevens has today sentenced 57-year-old Security, Mohamed Sesay, to 15 years’ imprisonment for sexually penetrating a Class 3 pupil.

The accused Mohamed Sesay said that, “The allegation here against me is not true. The truth is, I attempted on her, penetrates my penis into her vagina but it didn’t enter. My penis touches the mouth of the vagina but it didn’t enter through as I was expecting.”

The victim however stated that, “He took me into his bed room where he had sex with me.”

She added that the accused had had sexual intercourse with her four times.

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Hon. Justice Momo-Jah Stevens (JA) said that, “The Prosecution has successfully proven the case because the accused made a confessional statement.” He therefore sentenced the accused to 15 years’ imprisonment.


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