The Government of Sierra Leone recently undertook the construction of Abacha Street, but unfortunately, the heavy rainfall has caused significant damage to the newly constructed street.

On July 10th, 2023, the Government of Sierra Leone initiated a rapid development project on the renowned Sani Abacha street as part of their efforts to implement countrywide development. Numerous bloggers and social media commentators shared pictures and videos of the ongoing development at Abacha Street on that particular day.

The rehabilitation of this street has been long overdue. Its current state is in dire condition, riddled with potholes that pose a serious danger to motorists. Furthermore, the street is narrow and congested, making it arduous for vehicles to navigate through.

In praise of the development, Karimah Creative, a social media page, stated, “The rehabilitation of Sani Abacha Street will immensely benefit the people of Freetown. It will enhance safety and accessibility, reduce traffic congestion, and improve overall efficiency. This project will also serve as a fitting tribute to the influential leader, Sani Abacha, who visited Sierra Leone and left a profound impact on the country. It will stand as a reminder of his legacy and a remarkable way to honor him.”

Additionally, the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), responsible for monitoring and regulating road construction in the country, posted on their Facebook page, “To enhance safety and prevent further deterioration, the Sierra Leone Roads Authority has intensified pavement repair works on key roads in Freetown and its surroundings. Significant progress has been made in pavement repairs at PMB Junction, Upgun, and Fourah Bay Road – Kennedy Street Junction in the East of Freetown. Similar repair works are underway at Jenner-Wright Road, Cline Town Junction, Texaco, Portee, Rokupa, Goderich Street, Sani Abacha Street, and Macauley Street (Murray Town). The major pavement repair works will also extend to Regent Street, Rokel Street, Gloucester Street, Liverpool Street, and Circular Road in the Central Business District.” Accompanying this statement were pictures of the pavement at Sani Abacha Street.

Unfortunately, just five days ago, heavy rainfall severely damaged Sani Abacha Street, raising concerns about the construction expertise employed. Social media commentators, sharing images and videos of the damage, are questioning the government and other stakeholders involved in these projects regarding the credibility and effectiveness of the undertaken endeavor.

Watch video of the damage below: