Contestant representing Aberdeen Market located at the west of Freetown, Fatu R. Kamara has won the Miss ORANGE MAKIT UMAN Pageant 2022.

Fatu R. Kamara made history when she received the accolade on Saturday the 2nd July 2022 after competing with 11 contestants from  Lumley, Funkia, Kroo Town Road, Congo Town, Salad Gron, Calabatown, Wellington, Dove cot etc.

The Lumley Maket took the 2nd position and the 3rd position was taken by Salad Gron Maket.

Miss Orange Markit Uman was launched by Sierra Leone’s leading telecommunications network, Orange, for Market Women in Freetown.

Miss Orange Makit Woman is open  to market women ranging from 18 years up to 65 years.

Contestants auditions at their various market to be entered for the competition, after which they go through Orange open auditions at the biggest markets in the city such as Dove cot and Lumley markets and from there 12 of them are chosen to represent their markets.

The competition runs for one month during which contestants display any talent they have.

The Winner bags home Le 50 million and another 50 million for her market- 30 million for 2nd prize and 5 million for her market-20 million for 3rd prize and 5 million for her market.

And every other contestant gets 5 million and another 5 million for their markets. (10 million in all for each contestant and market).