The Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) collaborated with the Foundation for Rural and Urban Transformation (FoRUT) to conduct a one-day training session in Pujehun and Bonthe Districts.

The training, facilitated by the People Power Movement Sierra Leone (PPM SL), a consortium of reputable Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), aimed to educate participants on non-violent approaches to hold duty bearers and state functionaries accountable.

The training also covered an understanding of Sierra Leone’s anti-corruption laws and the work of the ACC.

The sessions, held on May 2nd and 4th, 2023, focused on establishing PPM chapters in both districts and empowering participants to address accountability and service delivery issues through non-violent means.

The workshop provided CSOs, school heads, and pupils with knowledge about non-violent civil actions, the importance of holding duty bearers accountable, power dynamics, and promoting accountability in development.

During the training, ACC’s Public Relations Officer, Sylvanus Blake, delivered a presentation on the Commission’s work, the concept of corruption, its negative effects, corruption offenses as defined in the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 (amended in 2019), whistleblower protection, and the role of CSOs and the public in fighting corruption. Blake emphasized the ACC’s commitment to forging beneficial partnerships with institutions and agencies, including CSOs and the media.

Blake urged the audience to actively combat corruption and work towards creating a corruption-free environment in their districts. He praised the government’s leadership, specifically President Brigadier Retired Dr. Julius Maada Wonnie Bio, for their dedication to the fight against corruption.

Alhassan Jalloh, Head of Programmes at FoRUT, acknowledged the important role of CSOs in advocating for the welfare of the people. He encouraged participants to take the training seriously and apply the knowledge gained to hold duty bearers accountable through non-violent means.

The participants agreed on key action points, including establishing PPM structures in their respective districts, serving as animators to inspire accountability demands, spreading anti-corruption messages, and reporting corruption using the ACC’s toll-free lines. They also had the opportunity to ask questions about reporting suspected acts of corruption.

The People Power Movement Sierra Leone (PPM SL) was formed in 2016 and comprises various Civil Society Activists dedicated to promoting human rights and accountability through non-violent activities. The movement’s secretariat is hosted by FoRUT Sierra Leone.