The prosecuting witness in the ongoing kidnapping case before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Pademba Road Court No.1 has testified that the first and second accused, Prince Oscar and Emeka Ouigbo ties him up and that he was almost killed by the accused individuals.

According to the prosecution witness, Austin Nwusu testified on Tuesday 7 February 2023, that between 11 and 16 December 2023, the first accused individual started slicing his arm and belly with a knife at his residence.

Meanwhile, Austin Nwosu who happens to be a businessman said that the act was done to him after the first accused left the scene.

He told Court that the first accused knew him for a long time adding, he was requested to pay the first accused a visit at N.26 Small Doherty street Murray town Freetown.

He explained that upon arrival, the first accused came in with the fifth, sixth and seventh accused persons as police officers.

He was then arrested and carried to an unknown police station.

The said police officers took him to one of their bosses at the police station where the first accused alleged that he owed him some amount of money and asked that his (Nwosu’s) passport be confiscated.

He said after denying such allegations and after all the conversation, the police boss refuses to confiscate his passport and ordered his release.

According to the witness, he was also reported to another police boss in the same police station.
But the police boss also refused to confiscate the passport.

However, the accused started hitting him in the eye and the second accused started kicking him after the departure of the police.

Also, the first accused went into his room brought out a knife and started cutting his left arm and the left part of his belly.

He explained that his hands and mouth were tied up by the accused while they were trying to kill him.

The witness asserted that the third accused later joined them and suggested that they lock him up in the room which they did.

He testified that the first accused filmed the act and that the video was in his possession to be tendered in Court.

Magistrate Mark Ngegba granted bail to the three police personnel; and charged the seven accused persons were charged with six counts ranging from conspiracy, causing grievances, bodily harm, Larceny, assault occasioning and bodily harm.