Alleged Drug Trafficker Arrested in Bo

Police in Southern Sierra Leone have arrested a man with dried leaves suspected to be cannabis sativa, and has been accused of trafficking the said drugs when he was arrested in a village, a police spokesman told Independent Observer Newspaper.

Speaking over the telephone, the Southern region spokesman for the Sierra Leone Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police Mohamed Bobson Senu said, police personnel deployed at Dambala Police post arrested suspect Lahai Mustapha of Gbado Jenneh village in the Kandu Lekpeyama chiefdom, Kenema District with the huge quantum of cannabis sativa.

ASP Senu said Mustapha was arrested on April 14th 2022 in Dambala town, southern Sierra Leone.

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“On Thursday 14th April 2022, Police personnel deployed at Dambala Police post arrested one Lahai Mustapha of Gbado Jenneh in the Kandu Lekpeyama chiefdom, Kenema district with huge quantum of cannabis sativa,” the police spokesman said.

The suspect, Sanu said, was riding a motorcycle when he allegedly hit an elderly man in Dambala town and was eventually arrested by community members and taken to the police post in the town.

Suspect Lahai Mustapha was in control of a Commercial Motor Bike with registration number ARL 902 who allegedly hit one of the community elders of Dambala town eventually, he was apprehended by the community people and taken to the Police post at Dambala, in the Selega chiefdom. Senu said over the phone.

While at the police station, Mustapha was found in possession of the said cannabis sativa loaded on his motorcycle.

The southern region spokesman said Mustapha has confessed to the police that he was trafficking the drugs to Bo.

“The suspect and exhibits were transferred to Bo for further investigation at the regional CID in Bo city,” ASP Senu told Independent Observer Newspaper.

According to Independent Observer Newspaper, suspect is helping police in the investigation.

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