Pastor Mambud Samai one of the founding members of the Single Leg Amputee Sports Association (SLASA) has said that he hopes to build an amputee rehabilitation centre.

The pastor, speaking to CNN, revealed that most of the amputees that lost one or both limbs in the 10-year civil war felt dejected when he met them at a camp in 2001.

He said that he has devoted a large portion of his life to serving the association which he helped founded in 2001.

The association has given hope to so many amputees by providing a platform for them to showcase their talent through football and other sports.

Pastor Samai has served the Association for more than two decades.

Some of the amputees said that before the foundation of the Association, they couldn’t actualise their dream of being meaningful to society.

The Sierra Leone Civil war was one of the deadliest ever conflicts with over 50,000 dead and millions displaced and several hundred people lost one or both limbs in the war.