It is now crystal clear that the the Lantern Parade is the most favourite activity in the annual calendar of the Bai Bureh Festival due to the countless requests and opinions of many people. “Wuna go Pull Lantern this year?” This is the frequently asked question especially when members of the Foundation are spotted in community activities.

As the lead Coordinator, I want to utilize this opportunity to inform all and sundry that it is not our fault for not hosting the Lantern Parade in last two years (2020 & 2021), but due to the outbreak of the global Covid-19- Pandemic. The Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation like any other body is obligated to abide by the Public Health Rules of the Government.

Going forward, we have done with series of engagements and consultations in which I want to reveal that the organizing team of the Bai Bureh Festival Lantern Parade are passionate and committed to host the event on the night of the 31st of December, 2022 in Port Loko City as demanded by the Residents and well-wishers.

After 25 years, the Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation stood on it ground to reintroduce the Lantern Parade Culture in December, 2019 with a Bakeh Loko Lantern and Maforki Lantern. It was really an exciting moment of a great cultural exhibition that recorded over 15,000 Spectators from the surrounding villages, other district and some from the Diaspora.

The Bai Bureh Festival is widely described as the people’s celebration that geared towards Celebrating the Life of both Past and Present Great Men and Women especially those who have contributed immensely to the Leadership and Development of Port Loko. On that note, we want to alert the minds of people that the 2022 Lantern Parade will remember the life of a Developmental Hero whose developmental achievements and image will be catalog to something extraordinary that will definitely be an amazing experience of a Lifetime.

Bai Bureh Festival Lantern Parade initiative was born out of the belief that great men’s contribution to societies form part of the formation and history of communities. From the outcome of its implementation in 2019, the event is highly considered as a tool that stimulate socio- economic activities and contribute greatly to the feelings of social cohesion.

From a global perspective, nothing brings people closer and together like festivals do. They play a pivotal role in the Socio-Economic transformation by bringing people from every Religious, Political, Tribal & Social background together. Today, the Bai Bureh Festival is an express way to Celebrate the Glorious Cultural Heritage and the life of Prominent Personalities in Port Loko and Sierra Leone by extension.

The event gives a true hope that no matter how long, society will one day recognize or remember you for whatever contribution you have made to it’s development. Comments from our people is a great reason to push especially when the event played an important role to add structure to our social lives and connect us with our families and background including friends and love ones.

The Lantern Parade is a great platform to restore the cultural glory and to market Port Loko City. As preparations will soon commence for the 2022 Lantern Parade, we are very sure that the event will definitely gives a distraction from our day to day exhausting routine of life and give us some inspiration to remember the important things and moments in life.

The Bai Bureh Festival Lantern Parade is currently Leading the way with the best practice model for community Festivals in Sierra Leone. As organizers, we are proud that we are contributing to the Cultural Exhibition and the Domestic Tourism of our country.

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