Renowned businessman Samuel A. Beckley, a prominent figure in the vehicle spare parts industry located at No.2 Campbell Street, Freetown, has stepped forward to address recent media reports casting him in a negative light following the issuance of a bench warrant and Allegations of Lawlessness in a bid to tarnish his hard earned reputation.

Beckley, known for his integrity and commitment to his business, clarified that the bench warrant, issued due to alleged failure to appear in court for charges brought by a Solicitor Demba Barrie, caught him entirely off guard. He explained that he was in the process of preparing to attend court when he first became aware of the warrant through a broadcast on Radio Democracy, 98.1 FM.

The case, which revolves around a private criminal summons, is under the jurisdiction of Magistrate Santigie Bangura at Pademba Road Court No.2 in Freetown. According to reports, the warrant was issued when Beckley did not appear in court at the scheduled time. The charges against him include allegations of using threatening and abusive language against Lawyer Demba Barrie via WhatsApp calls.

Providing context to the situation, Beckley shed light on the origins of the conflict, which stemmed from a business transaction involving spare parts. He revealed that he had previously purchased and shipped spare parts for Barrie at no cost. However, when a subsequent request was made, Beckley asked Barrie to cover the shipment fees and other associated charges due to the use of a different container and a larger volume of parts. This request, Beckley claimed, was met with resistance from Barrie.

The spare parts, valued at approximately $2,000, along with freight and customs fees of Nle 10,000, were initially covered by Beckley. However, when Barrie refused to cover these costs, Beckley had no choice but to store the parts at Mubarak Store from February to April, incurring an additional charge of Le 1,000 for storage.

Beckley alleged that Barrie, unwilling to fulfill his financial obligations, resorted to tarnishing his reputation by orchestrating the issuance of a bench warrant without proper legal procedures. He further claimed that Barrie, accompanied by his father, visited his shop to issue threats and disrupt his business, causing alarm among his customers.

In response to these threats, Beckley reported Barrie to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for allegedly threatening his life and making other serious threats. Beckley also disclosed that Barrie had allegedly contacted his children, threatening to imprison their father.

Asserting his commitment to the rule of law, Beckley emphasized his intention to address the matter through appropriate legal channels. “I respect the legal process and have no intention of evading it,” Beckley stated firmly. “I am committed to resolving this matter appropriately and ensuring that the truth comes to light.