Sylvia Blyden Urges SIC To Include The Killing of Evangelist Samson in Their Investigation

Popular opposition politician, Dr. Sylvia Blyden has requested the Special Investigation Committee (SIC) of incidents of August 8-10 to include the Killing of Ezequiel Dumbuya popularly known as Evangelist Samson as part of their investigations.

Dr. Blyden made the said statement on her return from London to Freetown in honour of the Invitation the Special Investigation Committee sent to her 10 days ago. She added that the said return is in line with Section 13 of the National Constitution.

According to her, the invitation was limited to discuss between August 8th to August 10, 2022.

She however requested the committee to include the killing of Evangelist Samson as part of their investigation.

“I’m going to insist to the committee that the Killing of Evangelist Samson on Sunday 14th 2022 should be part of their investigations. Any investigations that leaves out the Killing of Evangelist Samson on August 14th 2022 will be incomplete and on the hypocritical side,” she stated.

Evangelist Samson was killed on Sunday 14th 2022, following an alleged cross shooting with Police Officers in the Northern town of Makeni. His corpse was held for weeks and later buried by the government, despite several calls from his lawyer and opposition politicians for his body to be handed over to his family for a befitting burial.

On August 10, 2022 large numbers of protesters in many parts of the country took to the streets, calling for the government to tackle the rising cost of living confronting the people. Several lives were lost and properties worth million of Leones were destroyed.

In response, the Government of Sierra Leone established a special investigation committee to fully probe into the unrest that led to the killings of six police officers and several civilians.

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The committee will examine the immediate and underlying causes, sources of financing, execution, consequences of the unrest, and the response of security forces, according to the notice.




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  • Sahid Mohamed Kamara | 2023-01-17 12:45:25
    The Investigation Committee set up by the government is a fake committee that the President decided to choose his own boothleakers/ henchmen who will work all out to exotnate him from the problems of August 10 (massive killing of unarmed domonstrators). The selected committee members are very unreliable, dishonest and are indeed stooges of the PAOPA reigm. How can we trust them when some of them before their selection had already denounced and condemned the reasons for the demonstration. They took sides before they were selected. infact the President decided to choose them after hearing their condemnation of the demonstration. So fellow Sierra Leoneans what do except from the committee? Bonkum! Nothing more nothing less. However, there is hope for this nation. Fortunately, there were cameras all around this country. The International world saw clearly more than what we saw while we were in our houses. The evidence was clear. Even at night when Loma and some officers were brutally killing innocent people, dragging them from their houses and killing them in cold blood, was shown in the internet. Terrible things happened that. May the souls of those killed for their RIGHT to demonstrate rest in peace. The President knew, had organized this hideous crime before he left for a REST in London. May the souls of those innocent people killed that day Hunt him.
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