A ten years old boy, suffered severe burn injuries after his friend pushed him into a blazing fire on a road at Koamaru town in Nimikoro chiefdom of Kono district.

The victim was identified as David Nyama and his friend as Alie, both residing in the Koamaru town.

According to the victim, Nyama, the incident happened when he was on his way home together with his friends after purchasing airtime top up for his elder sister.

The ten years old said they came across a blazing fire which was believed to have been lit with fuel by some Magicians, adding that upon walking near the fire, one of his friends, Alie threatened to push him into the fire.

Nyama said he challenged his friend and his action caused an argument between them which lead to his friend pushing him into the fire.

“Whilst I was burning my friends continued laughing at me until my hands, back and waist nearly burned” Nyama bemoaned.

He added that he rushed home to his mother, Finda Nyama, who in turn took him to the Koamaru police station where he reported the matter and received medical paper to take to the hospital for his treatment.

According to the Mother, a member of the perpetrator, Alie had also damaged her younger sister’s eye with pen. For that reason, she decided to press charges on the matter.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator despite being under aged has been arrested and remanded, helping the police with investigation.