The accused person Ibrahim Sesay alias ‘Okada’ an Operation Service Division personnel attached at the Operational Service Division (OSD) appeared before Justice Musu Damba Kamara on the 23rd August, 2021 at the High Court of Sierra Leone. State Prosecutor, defense team and accused person, and with the exception of one Junior out of the twelve that was absent.

It could be recalled that on the 18th March, 2020 the accused person short the deceased person Osman Jalloh at Orogu, Allen Town, Freetown. The accused person Ibrahim Sesay alias Okada was charged with one count of murder.

According to the Police charged, it was stated that the accused person was a boyfriend to the wife of Osman Jalloh (now deceased). Prior to the incident, Jeneba (deceased wife) left matrimonial house to stay with the accused person (boyfriend) after some years she reconcile with her husband and again left the house of the accused person, though she had been in communication with the accused person.

Jeneba hired the services of the accused person, Ibrahim Seay alias Okada to take her husband to his construction site, which he consented. The accused person handed over the key to bike for Mr. Jalloh (now deceased) to ride him to his wife site, while he will be at the back. As they got closer to the site, the accused person ordered Mr. Jalloh person to stop the bike. Upon getting closer to the site, the accused person removed his riffle from his pocket and shot the deceased and dragged his body off the main road.

However, the matter did not proceed as it was adjourned, the foreman Fuad Kargbo told the Judge that they were eleven in number as they suppose to be twelve and the one jury who is absent is Desmond Taylor is reported sick, and could not make it.

At this point, the State Prosecutor E.T. Jalloh said they will not proceed with the case due to the reason given. Defense Lawyer Komba Kanu said he has confined with his client to take different line of action in other not to waste the court precious time.

Defense continued that they intend doing it on the next adjourned date, while the State Prosecutor said she will inform her office about the plans of the defense team and will respond appropriately.

The matter has been adjourned to the 31st August, 2021.