Ishmael Rappish Bah,ย  the elder brother of Sierra Leone’s popular rapper Alhaji Amadu Bah, popularly known as Boss La, has accused Sierra Leone’s Judiciary of being made up of criminals.

Bah made this statement in a Facebook post after being recently released from prison, where he had spent 15 months at the Male Correctional Center.

He stated that the Sierra Leone Judiciary system is fake and rotten, alleging that the Judiciary operates under “calls from above.”

He also added that innocent people are being judged and sentenced by criminals in Sierra Leone.

“Shame on you, Magistrate Mark Ngegba, Court No. 1. Shame on you, Justice Fisher High Court, and the whole Judiciary who run under the code of CALLS FROM THE ABOVE. Only cowards act on commands to punish innocent citizens. This fake and rotten system won’t break people like us with a lion’s heart. At first, I thought criminals should face a judge for trial; it is the other way around. Innocent Sierra Leoneans are being judged and sentenced by criminals,”ย Bah lamented.

He continued that there is no power or person on earth that will scare him away from his family, adding that he will continue to fight for the freedom of his brother (Boss La), who was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment by Justice Adrain Fisher of Sierra Leone’s High Court. He accused Justice Fisher’s statement before his sentence as reckless.

“I am back to continue the freedom fight for LAJ. They might be able to put fear in other people to distance themselves from him, but they can’t do that with me. The most reckless statement I heard from Justice Fisher before sentencing me to 15 months is that he is sentencing me because I keep going to Benghazi to ask for my brother. He told the court that family members have no right to visit their families who are in police custody,”ย he said.

Bah also alleged that his whole family was targeted after they sentenced him and his brother, and their 70-year-old father was behind bars for 14 days because he did not distance himself from them.