During the trial at Ross Court No. 3, a key witness, Massah Rogers, revealed harrowing details of threats and abuse allegedly perpetrated by her elder brother, who stands accused in a property dispute.

In an emotional testimony before Magistrate Hadiru Daboh, Massah recounted the events of October 12th, 2023, where she claimed her brother, the accused, was involved in a disturbing altercation. She tearfully recounted the accused’s alleged use of invective language, threats on her life, and a shocking assertion to claim their father’s property.

Massah detailed an incident where the accused, in a fit of rage, allegedly directed abusive behavior towards his own daughter, prompting her intervention. However, she claimed this intervention led to the accused turning his aggression towards her, issuing threats of violence and claiming ownership of their father’s property.

During cross-examination by defense counsel Musa Abdulah Kamara, Massah affirmed that the incident indeed occurred within their compound. Kamara probed further, questioning their relationship before the incident, to which Massah confirmed a previous speaking relationship but highlighted longstanding issues with the accused spanning 19 years.

Asserting her stance in court, Massah clarified, “I did not bring him to court for the misunderstanding between us, but rather for the invective words and threats against my life.”

The prosecution assured the court of presenting the second witness on the next adjourned date.

Despite the defense’s plea for bail, Magistrate Daboh denied bail and remanded the accused to the Male Correctional Centre on Pa Demba Road in Freetown pending further hearings. The case is set to resume on November 17th, 2023, for continuation of proceedings.