An SUB vehicle moving in high velocity from the court right axis to Fourah Bay College, which seemed to have lost control, forcefully crashed at a pole near Sky cafe as it nearly crushes a student who was seated near by.

According to eyewitnesses, the car’s brakes failed at a dangerous curve which lead to the driver force stopping the vehicle by hitting a pole before he could hurt anybody.

Luckily, as witnesses said, no body got injured and even the people that occupied the vehicle were safe, although the car’s face was completely damaged.

TV-News24 reported that they went at the scene minutes after the accident occurred and saw an elderly woman holding a crutch being led away and helped into a waiting car.

According to them, Idrissa Kargbo, a student at FBC who was in a state of shock, told them that he was sitting outdoors around 8:20 p.m at the hostels, when he saw the vehicle heading his way.

TV-News24 continued that, the student explained how the driver directed the vehicle towards his path but ended up hitting a firm pole located at Sky cafe, opposite Mass Communications Department, adding that, after the hit, he saw the driver, two young women and two elderly women exiting the vehicle and checking on each other to make sure everyone was safe.

“The family was rescued and taken out of the campus premise by another private vehicle, which happened to be carrying their relatives” he added.

The student according to TV News 24 ended that he was fortunate and thankful to God that he was still alive because had it not been that the driver force stopped the vehicle by hitting the pole, he would’ve been crushed to death.