Center for Accountability and Rule of Law-Sierra Leone (CARL-SL) in a press statement stated their frustration to reports of political violence and inciting messages by political actors and their supporters.

They noted, “in the last 6 months, CARL-SL  and its partners have led various campaigns aimed at promoting peaceful conduct and nonviolence during the electioneering process and have urged stakeholders and members of the public to use legitimate channels and complaint mechanisms to address grievances.

In spite of these efforts, and even as CARL-SL recognizes the generally peaceful manner activities have been conducted, we are gravely concerned about the reported acts of violence in Kailahun, Moriba Town, Mile 91, and Falaba.”

CARL as an organization is shocked in which campaign by reports that the residence of a prominent female politician in Kono, Madam Diana Konomani, was torched by faceless cowards.

CARL- SL condemns these acts and calls for full-scale and impartial investigations.

“In the lead up to the June 24th elections,we have repeatedly stressed the role of law enforcement and justice institutions in ensuring accountability & justice for politically motivated crimes. This is obviously a moment of truth for the Sierra Leone Police. We demand that the police launch a full-scale investigation and bring violence to justice, regardless of who they are or their political persuasions”, said Ibrahim Tommy, Executive Director of Center for Accountability and Rule of Law.

They pointed out that “election is an opportunity to choose leaders in a peaceful manner. It is not meant to provide a theatre for war or violence.”

“Democracy encourages and requires peaceful contest of ideas and platforms. Violence does not encourage participation; in fact, it discourages many people, especially women and persons living with disabilities from participating.”