The Paramount Chief of Kafe Chiefdom, PC Dr. Masakma Madibie II has cultivated over 30 acres of rice in his native chiefdom..

Kafe, a Chiefdom in Tonkolili District, Northern Sierra Leone, is predominantly known for mining gold and other minerals but the traditional leader said he’s changing that narrative because, he said, agriculture is also viable and contributes to national development.


The rationale behind the laudable venture, the chief said is to ensure there is food sufficiency in his chiefdom and the country at large.

The Chief, who also doubles as the Chairman of the Council of Paramount Chiefs in Tonkolili District, said he’s going into agriculture because he also wants to complement the efforts of the government in securing food and contribute to nation-building.

I want to complement the effort of government in promoting food sufficiency in the country because agriculture is Sierra Leone’s economic backbone,” PC Masakma Madibie said.

As a traditional leader, he said, he wants to change the perception that Chiefs must only sit in their Barrys (court) deciding on matters.

Chiefs can also engage in farming like any other person, the Chief said.

Chief Madibie II also encouraged section chiefs to embrace farming in his chiefdom.

This reporter visited the Kamaruku town, Kafe Chiefdom’s headquarters, and discovered large acres of rice farms.

The Paramount Chief called on other Chiefs to also go into farming to boost food sufficiency in their chiefdoms.

The Paramount Chief said the harvesting season has promised abundant food for locals and those in neighbouring chiefdoms

Faced with many challenges, the Chief called on government, individuals, and organizations to support his dream.

Currently, our people need a rice mill and other machinery to quickly boost their work,” the Chief said.

PC Dr. Masakma Madibie II is the first Paramount Chief of Kafe after 118 years since the chiefdom was amalgamated with neighboring Simiria Chiefdom, and it was previously called Kafe Simiria until it was split by the erstwhile government of President Ernest Bai Koroma a few years ago.

A year after his election, the Paramount chief is being widely acclaimed by people in and out of Kafe for his positive strides in changing his chiefdom.