In a recent council meeting held on January 31st, 2024, at Kombema Town in YKK Chiefdom, Paramount Chief John Salia Rogers voiced strong dissatisfaction with World Vision International’s operations in Kpaka Chiefdom. Serving also as the Secretary General of the Council of Paramount Chiefs in Pujehun District, PC John Salia Rogers expressed concern over the lack of significant development in the region despite World Vision’s presence for the past 13 years.

The paramount chief highlighted that a structure originally provided by the government for World Vision’s use was abandoned in a state of disrepair, with broken doors and windows, after the completion of their interventions. Additionally, he criticized the organization for leaving an intended office building incomplete and abandoned in a nearby bush.

Calling for increased transparency and accountability, PC John Salia Rogers urged the council to play an active role in monitoring World Vision’s activities. He emphasized the need for councilors to be well-informed, as many were reportedly unaware of the organization’s actions in the district.

Chairman Foday Kandeh Rogers of the Pujehun District Council expressed disappointment at World Vision’s absence from district development committee meetings for over a year, deeming it disrespectful. He called on the organization to involve councilors in their working communities and maintain open communication about their activities.

In response to the concerns raised, Augustine Belewa, the Cluster Program Manager for Pujehun District, assured stakeholders that their grievances have been duly noted. Belewa pledged to escalate the matter to top management for prompt action, emphasizing World Vision’s commitment to collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

The paramount chief’s call for increased monitoring and the chairman’s appeal for involvement of councilors underscore the urgent need for World Vision International to reassess its operations in Kpaka Chiefdom. The concerns raised highlight the importance of fostering constructive partnerships to achieve meaningful and sustainable development in the district.