The Chinese Embassy in Freetown, through Nacsa Commissioner Ernest Mbamiba Ndomahina, has extended an invitation to Joseph B. Mbogba, Chairman of Moyamba District Council, and Councillor Ernest Ngenda Sama of Ward 346.

They will attend a two-week seminar on green development and sustainable investment under global development initiatives in Chengdu, China.

This seminar, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, aims to enhance human resources development cooperation within the framework of China’s foreign aid. It is designed to teach managerial experience and practical techniques while promoting traditional friendship and cooperation in green development, economy, trade, and sustainable investment between China and other developing countries.

The seminar will cover eight comprehensive courses, including:

  1. Overview of China’s national conditions
  2. Green development theory and practice
  3. Green investment and sustainable development
  4. Economic development and green low-carbon strategies

Participants will engage in discussions, demonstrations, communication sessions, field visits, cultural tours, and classroom lectures. This diverse approach is intended to accelerate human resource development and promote economic and social progress in participating countries.

By fostering such international collaborations, the seminar aims to support global green development initiatives and strengthen ties between China and other developing nations, contributing to shared economic growth and sustainable development.