Christians across Sierra Leone and the world on Wednesday entered the 2023 lent season which runs from 22 February through 6 April 2023.

During the period, the faithful fasted and prayed for 36 days except for Sundays, the day God rested from the work of creation that He had accomplished.

Christians attended church service on Wednesday morning in commemoration of the start of lent. Some posted photos of their obeisance on social media.

Joshua Anthony, a member of St Peters Catholic Church in Freetown, advised Sierra Leoneans to shun evil.

He decried the spate of violence and evil acts among citizens and advised them to have fear of God at all times.

A lot of us are deliberately doing evil to hurt others; we stay awake at night to plan evil instead to pray and think of positive things,” he said.

Anthony urged Sierra Leoneans to be good to others, be pure in thoughts and all dealings, and shun acts that could adversely affect themselves, family and the country.

We should also use this holy season to serve God in sincerity and show love by serving the poor. By so doing, we will eradicate the class of the poor,” he added.

The annual fasting period prepares adherents for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, two days after Good Friday.