The Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Tankoro Police Divisional headquarter in Koidu City Kono District Superintendent of police Franklyn Bawyoh has revealed that at 12 mid-day on Wednesday 10th November 2021 his officers got a distress call stating that a young man Samuel Mansah Kpakiwa has threatened to kill his mother, elder brother and close door neighbors at the Bongalow community in Koidy City Kono District.

The Local Unit Commander maintained that without wasting time he dispatched some CID officers with his vehicle to respond to the said distress call.

He noted that upon arriving at the scene the team of police officers met the boy in question on the height with broken bottles saying he was waiting for such a scene where he can stab any police that will come his way.

According to the LUC Bawyoh in the bid to engage the boy Samuel Mansah Kpakiwa to stop the disorderly behavior he stabbed at least three of the police officers who went to put him under control.

He noted with dismay that one of his police officers was badly wounded and had to receive at least eighteen stitches and was responding to treatment at the Koidu Government Hospital.

The Tankoro Police Divisional headquarter boss said the boy after occasioning multiple of wounds on the police officers that went to put him under control, he took to his heels but ran out of luck and was arrested and brought to the aforementioned police station and is now helping them in their investigation.

Asked to know what the wounding of his officers means to the Sierra Leone Police Force in terms of discharging their constitutional responsibilities.

According to A-Z News, LUC Bawyoh maintained that although they are serving the public but they are equally human beings that deserve protection and justice and therefore, called on all and sundry especially the Human Rights and Judiciary to do justice to the said matter after they have investigated and charged the matter to court.

He said the wounds occasioned on his officers will in no certain terms discourage them from performing their duties. Meanwhile, it could be recalled that the boy in question Samuel Mansah Kpakiwa is believed to be the chief initiator of clique activities in Kono District and that he has just been released from the Pandemba road Correctional centre by way of pardon. Police are investigating the matter whilst he badly wounded police officers are gradually responding to treatment at the Koidu Government Hospital in Kono District.