The Sankoh-Yillah family commemorated the 25th year death anniversary of famous Islamic cleric, Imam Bashara Sankoh-Yillah.

The late Imam was influential among the Sierra Leonean Muslim community in the 80s and 90s. Imam Bashara is the founder of Basharia Islamic mission -a mission that now boasts of over 25 mosques and schools in all parts of Sierra Leone.

The late Islamic cleric was known for his calmness and upright nature together with his gift to preach to the Sierra Leonean Muslim community especially youths.

Imam Bashara was well respected by people from all strata of Sierra Leone.

He also taught and mentored several young men who are now sheikhs serving the Sierra Leonean Muslim community at home and abroad.

The revered Islamic scholar also popularised preaching in Themne in order for some of his followers to properly discern his message.

Today, one of his mosques on Bombay Street named Masjid Rahman is considered to among the largest in Sierra Leone.