During a recent Facebook livestream, the younger sibling of DJ Clef delivers a powerful message to LAC the Alleged Murdreder of his Elder Brother.

LAC, who was controversialy pardoned but later had his pardon revoked.was alleged to have murder DJ Clef During a night party at his residence.

The emotional address sheds light on disturbing details regarding DJ Clef’s demise, asserting that his lifeless body was left at a dustbin near Grammar School after being held from Saturday to Monday. The brother reveals eerie similarities between the murder scene and LAC’s belongings, drawing from the testimony of LAC’s security guard. He also calls upon fellow artists, like Shaddy Baby who previously ask the family to forgive LAC to investigate the circumstances of his brother’s death, while questioning the absence of Artical Foyoh in the fight for justice. Expressing skepticism towards LAC’s claims of innocence, the brother alleges that DJ Clef was tragically used for a ritual, supported by evidence of body part removal. This candid exposé leaves no room for doubt, challenging the prevailing notion of LAC’s innocence.

He said “even remembering about the way my brother die brings me pain and I am not really happy and up till now it pains me to remember about my brother because to look at a man at the age of 35 years and slaughter him, because my brother was slaughtered. They cut his toenails, nose, and calf and he was stabbed twice in the neck.” He called on Sierra Leoneans that are asking for forgiveness to look into the issue

He urged Sierra Leoneans seeking forgiveness to examine the matter, aiming to address those misled into believing LAC’s innocence. He straightforwardly asserted that LAC is not innocent.

He continued, mentioning that while his family has entrusted everything to God, their goal is to clarify the situation for understanding. Refuting claims that LAC’s good deeds should prompt forgiveness, he emphasized the lasting pain caused by his brother’s tragic death. Contrasting with an example involving Shaddy Baby’s son’s accident, he highlighted the unique circumstances of his brother’s case. Notably, during an initial police search of LAC’s Aberdeen home, he claimed not to have the house key, which raised suspicions of a cover-up. He perceived this as an attempt to hide their actions.

He clarified his presence to the public, addressing the difficulty of granting forgiveness. He emphasized that others couldn’t have used DJ Clef’s belongings without his knowledge, underscoring their belief in LAC’s guilt. A visit to LAC’s house confirmed discrepancies, as a carpet was missing, leaving a noticeable mark. Moreover, during CID proceedings, LAC’s associate, J. Fac, was apprehended while attempting to escape in Kono