Drama as Sierra Leonean Man is Spotted Doing Weird Things on Rooftops (Video)

Hilarious but serious incident happened today the 7th September, 2022, in Freetown which has got people to wonder whether we have got our very own spiderman in Sierra Leone.

A young man believed to be under the influence of a dangerous substance commonly called Kush was spotted today climbing on top of people’s house roofs.

This young man was not only seen jumping from a rooftop to another but also seen doing weird things a normal person can not do.

He was dressed in a dirty and tattered attire with sticks on his hand like a mad man, moving up and down of people’s house roofs.

Seeing that, people started to shoo and throw stones at him so that he would get down from their rooftops but that got him angry and he began ripping off some parts of the roof he was standing on.

All the shooing and throwing of stones to get him down failed, so another man climbed up with a stick to beat the hell out of him and get him down.

That got everything worse as the weird young man wrestled with the other guy and they almost fell off the rooftop.

While all this was going on, nobody cared to inform the police to handle the situation amicably.

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Take a look at the video below:

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