Police Officers at Fallah Checkpoint located on the Bo-Freetown highway, made a substantial drug arrest on Wednesday, 6th March 2024, apprehending Alusine Bangura of Waterloo, Freetown, with a sizable quantity of suspected Cannabis-Sativa.

Reports indicate that Alusine Bangura, a youth without employment, was intercepted while traveling from Freetown to Kenema with seven parcels of Cannabis-Sativa. The arrest was made following a thorough search conducted by police personnel stationed at the checkpoint.

AIG Brima Kanneh, the Regional Police Commander South, expressed confidence in halting drug trafficking within his jurisdiction and commended the support of the community in combating crime.

Alusine Bangura is currently in police custody and is expected to face charges related to drug possession, distribution, and potential trafficking. The investigation is ongoing, with law enforcement officers working diligently under AIG Kanneh’s leadership to gather additional evidence and identify any potential accomplices involved in the illegal operation.

The Sierra Leone Police reaffirmed its commitment to fighting drug-related crimes and ensuring public safety. This latest arrest underscores their dedication to removing harmful substances from the streets and holding perpetrators accountable.

AIG Kanneh urged individuals with relevant information about this case or any other illegal activities to cooperate with law enforcement authorities and assist in maintaining public safety.

The apprehension of Alusine Bangura serves as a clear message that the Sierra Leone Police remain vigilant in their pursuit of justice and the protection of citizens against the menace of drug trafficking.