It is alleged that five staff of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Agency (EDSA) were allegedly caught destroying EDSA transformers and cables last night at station 33 in Wellington, Eastern part of the capital.

According to social media reports, the five EDSA STAFFS allegedly caught destroying EDSA transformer and cables are:

1. Moses Dumbuya (night supervisor)
2. Kemoh Sesay (driver)
3. A Man Call Moving Star
4. Another Man call Brigadier
5. And a man from EDSA Regional Office at Black Hall Road.

It is reported that the management of EDSA was notified of the alleged theft and they are currently investigating the matter.


“The EDSA people at black Hall sub station are deliberately bent on sabotaging the government all this fault here and there is their own making,” Archbold Josiah, a resident said.

“Some of this workers or distribution officials should face the music by going to prison because we are paying for top up and a lot of monies have been spent by this government to see the nation light up,” he added.

Even though the Minister of Energy and the Sierra Leone Police have sent a strong warning to Sierra Leoneans that are in the habit of stealing EDSA properties, the destruction of EDSA properties has increased over the past months.